April 2, 2012
Face Slapping 101

1. You should always use an open hand; a closed hand may cause unintended injuries. 

2. Be aware of any jewelry. The Dominant should always make sure that they have no rings on, and the sub has no earrings on that might lead to unforeseen injury. 

3. Be aware of your nails, long nails may scratch or they may get caught unintentionally in your partner’s hair. 

4. A flat hand will leave initial red marks; a cupped hand will leave a deeper mark and very well may bruise. 

5. Fanning the fingers of a flat hand will increase the strength of the slap, and will encourage a wonderful imprint of your hand on your partner’s face. 

6. To use the back of your hand to slap, be conscious of where your knuckles will land. Backhanded slaps are better left to the experienced individuals. 

7. If you slap a tear stained cheek the effect will be much stronger, a slap on wet skin is much more painful. 

8. Aim for the center of the cheek, if you aim for the fat of the cheek you may hit to high and cause an injury to the eye, or if you go too low you may hit the mouth and cut open a lip. It is easy to slap hard enough to cut the inside of someone’s mouth on his or her teeth. 

9. When slapping someone always support their neck.  The head is perched on top of the neck, and whiplash is a very painful experience. Slap too hard or incorrectly you may inflict an unintentional neck injury.

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